Гостиница Бумеранг



Relieve fatigue and stress of everyday life will help employment Saunas "Boomerang"Bath is the best way to treat colds, as nothing else relieves stress, helps you relax. And when there is a choice of pool with a geyser or a waterfall, a jacuzzi or a font,aromatherapy or herbal medicine, karaoke or board games - here it is impossible not to linger! But after a holiday feel like a born again!
We work for you around the clock, and from 9 to 17 receive a discount of 30%.

Sauna “VIP” – an 6-man sauna with everything to make you feel like a VIP. Features include a Finnish bath, a large swimming pool with hydro massage and a geyser-like system, two lounges, and karaoke.  Here you can relax after a long business day or celebrate a special event in an intimate and comfortable setting.

Pricing – 1800 r/hour

Sauna “Waterfall” – a 4-men sauna. Our exclusive interior “Waterfall” sauna will provide your body with total relaxation. Special features allow you to enjoy a waterfall effect and an aqua massage, feeling all the treatment water can provide.

Pricing – 1400 r/hour

Sauna “Font” – a 2-4-men sauna. This sauna is equipped with a high-end dry steam room which is perfect for an end-of-the-day treatment. And don’t forget about the refreshing and icy font and Jacuzzi where you can enjoy an aromatherapy session.

Pricing – 1400 r/hour

Sauna “Kosmos” – a small, but cozy sauna for two. It’s the perfect sauna to follow a romantic dinner. It features a “space” interior, candles, and a Jacuzzi sprinkled with rose pedals. You will be virtually floating on a cloud after this sauna. 

Pricing – 1200 r/hour

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